Thursday, July 11, 2019

Dino Campbell

Campbell has been super into dinosaurs since about a month or two before he turned five in March. However, his obsession is growing and growing. He is SO into it and can tell you everything about the dinos. What they eat, how they protected themselves from predators, how to tell dinosaurs apart (some of them look similar but Campbell can assure you, there are differences!) and so much more. His dinosaur fascination has been quite intriguing actually and if you'll give Campbell just a few moments of your time, you'll be amazed at how much dinosaur information his little five year old brain has retained! All that to say, everything in our life right now is about dinosaurs. I had heard about a dinosaur exhibit in Hot Springs and thought it would be neat to give Campbell a super fun day and take him to it! Hot Springs is just an hour from Little Rock (but over three hours from our house) so I figured while we were so close we should go! So we all loaded up in the car to take our boys to see DinoTrek.
Campbell was in heaven!! He told us all about the dinosaurs and would gasp every time he saw a new one. We ended up staying so much longer than I thought we would but it was actually a lot of fun. The exhibit was really interesting and apparently they've made it permanent and plan on adding more dinosaurs so I'm almost certain we will probably be going back again at some point!
It's always so fun to watch something exciting happen to your kiddo. Campbell loved seeing these real life looking dinosaurs and it made my momma heart happy! If you're near the area I highly recommend taking your kids to see DinoTrek. You will all really enjoy it, even if you aren't huge dinosaur lovers like my Dino Campbell!!

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