Thursday, July 25, 2019

Our Kitchen

I thought I'd share our kitchen with you all today! We really love how our kitchen turned out. This is the heart of our home and where we always gather with friends and family. Being married to a builder, I let him pick and choose a lot of stuff in our home without really caring too much about it. But the kitchen I had an opinion on!! I think we both had some good ideas and when they came together, we created a space that we're both really happy with.
We knew we wanted white cabinets but we loved the idea of giving it a little character with a grey island. We wanted our home to feel cozy so we warmed it up with the natural pendants over the island and kept it soft by staining our island vs painting it. I came up with the idea of the big X's on the sides of the island and we carried that throughout on the glass cabinet design and the pendants. I was so, so happy with the lights as they were getting installed and felt like they would be such a great moment for the heart of our home.
Scott really wanted to use this backsplash in our kitchen. At first I wasn't a fan. I thought it would be really dark and rough. I had pictured a shiny subway tile but he asked me to trust him and I'm so glad I did. I love this because it's different and it worked so great with everything else we chose. We both had a really hard time finding a granite we liked. We searched for several months and we liked a lot of slabs but weren't falling in love with anything. We decided to go back and look one final time before settling (for lack of a better word) on a granite we had found previously when this slab magically appeared out of nowhere. I knew the second I laid my eyes on it this was the one! It turned out exactly how I imagined it would and I'm so pleased with the final result!
While we were looking at tile, Scott spotted this mirrored backsplash. We absolutely loved the sample of it but were a little nervous to know how it would look once it was installed in a big space. We thought it could be really great or a little much. We decided to take a chance on it and it was the only thing I was nervous about choosing out of everything in our house. Once it was installed, it gave my kitchen that extra little something that I hoped it would. I absolutely love how it turned out. A little bit of glam, but still cozy and soft. 
All of the added details, like the applied molding on our cabinet doors, the mirrored backsplash, and the X's on the island, customized our space and made it ours. I imagine I will love this kitchen for as long as I live here (hopefully another decade, moving is miserable!!) which was the goal. We didn't want to pick out things for our home that we would love in our 30's but not in our 40's so we tried to be really calculated with what we chose and do our best to make it timeless instead of trendy. I think we accomplished our goal--I hope we did. Everyone who came through our home during the Parade of Homes last year commented on how cozy our home was which was the best compliment. We wanted the entire space to feel comfortable and make people want to sit and stay a while. There isn't anything I would change about my kitchen and I'm so happy with how everything pulled together!

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