Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Wells | Six Months Old

Weight: About 12ish pounds. I'll find out his exact weight next Monday at his 6 month appointment!

Height: Right at 2 feet tall.
Sleep: Twelve straight hours at night--7:00-7:00. Wells still takes three solid naps a day. He can only manage to be awake for an hour and a half therefore our little guy is asleep A LOT!

Eat: Wells is still exclusively breastfed. He nurses five times a day. About 10 days ago I attempted a bottle. I hadn't tried giving him a bottle for several months because he kept refusing and I was tired of pouring my milk down the drain. But I bought a Comotomo bottle and made sure the milk was really warm and he took it without hesitation!! So now I nurse then give him a small bottle before bed every single night just to ensure he keeps up with taking a bottle. This has me pumping a little at night now, but I'm glad he's taking a bottle so it's worth it to me. Exactly a week ago I started giving him a tiny bit of oatmeal mixed with my milk, to get the ball rolling on solids. He was eyeing our food and seemed to want some. I was honestly hoping to hold off for a bit longer but he was ready so we dove in. He just gets a tiny little amount for dinner but he seems to be enjoying it so far!
Clothes: Still wearing size 0-3M clothes and 3-6M pajamas. He is soon going to grow out of my favorite little outfit of his this summer, his Little English fish bubble, and I'm sad! I will keep that outfit forever.

Diapers: Size 2 Honest

Likes: Smiling, milk, bath time, Campbell, being held, being outside, "talking," sucking his thumb.
Dislikes: On the go naps, the church nursery, the 2 hours before bedtime.

Milestones: Wells had a big month! Our tiny little nugget can sit up on his own!! He doesn't stay that way for too long, about 20 seconds or so, but he can do it!! He also started grabbing for and holding toys and bringing them to his mouth to chew. Wells will stick his tongue out at you if you stick yours out at him--it's kind of adorable.
Month Six: This was a cute month and our sweet boy seemed to change a lot. It's so nice to be able to hand him a small toy for him to play with and chew on--it entertains him quite a bit. Wells had another big growth spurt this month and spent 4 days nursing around the clock, even waking up one night in the middle of the night to eat. We put him in the church nursery for the first time two Sunday's ago. This past Sunday he cried at drop off to let me know he did not appreciate me leaving him with strangers!!
All About Wells: I cannot even handle this angel baby. Wells is just the sweetest little thing and I want to eat him. He is totally chill unless we need him to nap on the go (not gonna do it) or the two hours before it's time for bed (requires being held nearly the whole time). Otherwise he is just the sweetest, smiliest, happiest little guy. He loves his activity/playmat and grabbing for the toys dangling above him. He rolls a lot and sucks his thumb. I kiss him 100 billion times a day.

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