Tuesday, August 20, 2019

First Day of Adventureland

Bennett and Wells had their first day of Adventureland yesterday!
Bennett is officially a pre-schooler!! He is so excited to go to school, especially since Campbell has been in school. He has been anxious to get started and be a big pre-school kid. Bennett is a grasshopper, which is the same class Campbell was in when he was Bennett's age!
Bennett will learn so much this year. The weather, days and months, and how to write. I'm so excited to see Bennett write his name!! Campbell told him "it's a little tricky" LOL but I have a feeling he'll get the hang of it! Bennett will also learn the pledge of allegiance and get to have a special music time every day where he'll learn a lot of awesome songs. I know he'll love that since he loves music so much. And I'll get to do fun things with him like attend worship and have a Thanksgiving party. Pre-school is so different at Adventureland than the younger classes and I'm excited to see the growth that will come out of it!
One of Bennett's teachers is actually our babysitter so I was excited about that! His other teacher was Campbell's teacher this last year. I told her Bennett and Campbell are nothing alike! Campbell is quiet and gentle and Bennett is loud and crazy! But he has the most fun little personality and even though he's a mess, he's super duper sweet! Bennett said he had a great day and everyone seemed to enjoy this spunky little nugget. He's such a stark contrast from his older brother that everyone there is used to.
I decided to put Wells in Mothers Day Out this fall. I wondered if I was being silly by doing so. He's super easy to tote around with me and take places. He's so chill and go with the flow and bringing him everywhere with me is no big deal at all. I worried I would have a pit in my stomach and feel like I was making a mistake when I dropped him off.
Wells did so great when I dropped him off. He always cries when we drop him off at church and he does a really good job at making the most pitiful, heartbreaking face ever. However, he was super happy and kept sticking his little feet in his mouth while I hung around for a minute. The women who are taking care of Wells have officially taken care of all of my babies now. Between MDO and my bible studies, all of my boys have been in their care. I love these women, I'm friends with them on Facebook, and I trust them 100%. They love my babies, text me photo updates of them, and do the most amazing job keeping them happy. I know my heart is comfortable leaving my little boys because of them. So, with that said, I didn't feel guilt or sadness at all yesterday. I really thought I might, but I didn't! I didn't feel like a free bird either, I just ran all over town the entire time to get everything done!! Scott and I managed to have a lunch date and I was able to do those errands that I've been wanting to accomplish for a long time. This was the longest I'd been away from Wells since he was born (9:00-2:00) but they said he had a great day and he gave me the sweetest baby hug when I got back to him.
The day was a little crazy to be honest. I got up early, rode the Peloton, showered, got Campbell off to school, came back home to make lunches and get my littles ready for MDO. Dropped them off at school, ran in the big Walmart for groceries, came home to pump, ran a few more errands, had a quick lunch with Scott, ran another errand, got Wells and nursed him in the church nursing room, picked up Bennett, and hopped in the car to go pick up Campbell. I was literally sweaty when I finally got home. Hopefully I'll have some days where I'm actually able to just chill and do nothing...maybe get a mani/pedi or use that massage gift certificate I got for Mother's Day. I enjoyed getting to accomplish so much though and hopefully both of my little boys have a great year this year!

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