Thursday, August 15, 2019

My Favorite Lunch Boxes

Now that school is back in session that means a lot of lunch packing. I actually enjoy packing lunches for my kids. I know most people don't, but I like it! I try to be different and make their lunches fun. I have every cookie cutter imaginable and like to cut their sandwiches into fun shapes (the star shape seems to be the easiest/best though, IMO). I've read that kids are more likely to eat food if it's in a fun shape and that is definitely true for my kids. I've been packing lunches for my kids for several years now and have tried all the lunchboxes and all the lunch containers. I have recently discovered my favorites thus far and wanted to share them with you all today!!

The Pottery Barn Cold Lunch Boxes are my favorites. Key word being the 'COLD' version. They have classic and cold. I do not like the classic lunch box. I got one for Campbell a few years ago and never liked it. It's very hard on the inside so no wiggle room for extras since it's isn't flexible. The cold version is insulated, soft and bendy. I absolutely love it. I love that it has a spot on the side for the water bottle. It has a divider in the middle which is perfect because I use the divider to separate their lunch and their snack. I feel like it's helpful for my kids to know exactly which item in their lunchbox is their snack!

As far as lunch containers go, I have two that I really love:
The Spencer Dual Compartment Food Storage Box is new for us and I love it. Having just two compartments may not seem like enough but I love using them for just a sandwich and fruit then throwing in an individual bag of goldfish, pretzels, chips, etc. There is also a freezer pack that snaps into the lid (see light blue lid for reference) which I didn't realize when I purchased but it made me love even more.
Yumbox is a container we've been using for years. These are wonderful. We have two different ones because they come in different compartment sizes. There's a tiny little compartment that I always fill with a special sweet--mini cookies, M&M's, skittles,'s small but just the right amount for a tiny little treat! The yumboxes seal tight so you can put yogurt, dips, etc in them without worrying about spilling although I can't speak from experience, I've never done it. However, I do find that a tube of yogurt will fold in half and fit perfectly in the 6 compartment box! A Danimal will also squeeze in that spot as well! Click HERE for the 6 compartment and HERE for the 4 compartment.

I typically get my cookie cutters from Target. They have a lot, especially in the seasonal section and that's when I usually stock up! I will say, I am not a fan of the Pottery Barn Kids cookie cutters because they are really big so you have to get gigantic bread slices for the cutter to fit. Besides cookie cutters, there are other ways to make lunches fun. I love using food picks. My boys enjoy eating just rolled up turkey or ham and the food pick not only keeps it rolled in place but is also a fun little something in their lunch box. I also like using silicon food cups. I use these all the time if I need a small little something for separating food. They wash in the dishwasher and hold everything in place perfectly. Even though they're small, they're always just right. 
I have a board on Pinterest which you can view HERE where I've pinned meal and snack ideas for my babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and now kindergartner. It gives me ideas or helps spur an idea and maybe it will for you as well! I did the rainbow fruit for Campbell's lunch today and when he saw me arranging it last night he got so excited but made sure to inform me I forgot blue in the rainbow!! If only I'd had blueberries on hand. Next time!

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