Monday, October 14, 2019

My Favorite Childrens Books For Halloween

I love reading to my kids. We read before bed every night and have their whole lives. I'm of the opinion that you can never have too many books and I especially love adding to my kids book collection. Every fall I enjoy going to the bookstore and getting my boys new Halloween books. We do the same thing at Christmas. It's a fun little tradition that we all enjoy. I have a basket that I keep seasonal books in and I store the books away once that season is over. This way the books feel fresh every year and my boys are always so excited to see their basket full of "new" holiday books and are anxious to read them. Today I wanted to compile a list of my favorite Halloween books that we love to read year after year! I linked them all via Amazon. Simply click the title under the book.

One of my very favorite, possibly my absolute favorite, books during Halloween is Room on the Broom. This book is so cute. It's about a witch who is flying through the air, keeps losing items, and as she flies down to retrieve them, different animals ask for a ride on her broom. They run into a scary dragon who likes to eat witches but the animals end up saving the day! This book captivates my children and I never tire of reading it to them!

We love the Little Blue Truck series and the Halloween story has always been a favorite of my boys. Little Blue Truck is on his way to a Halloween party and your kids can lift the flap to find out who is hiding beneath the figures in costumes that he encounters. 

Snowmen at Halloween is the cutest imaginative story. Halloween brings a snowfall, children build snowmen, then after the children go to bed the snowmen have their own Halloween fun! The illustrations are beautiful and the rhyming storyline is adorable. If your kids like snowmen, this book is for you!

Jellycat books are perfect for your tiny little readers! They are touch and feel and so sweet! The books have lovies to match and my babies love reading and feeling these. I read them to Wells now, even though he's only 8 months old!

Spookie Pookie is another great book for the little ones! This book will always remind me of Campbell when he was a baby because he loved this book!! Spookie can't decide what he wants to be for Halloween so he tries on several different costumes until he finds the one that's just right! A cute little rhyming book your toddler will enjoy reading over and over.

This book is new for us this year and my boys are enjoying it so much! If you're a Disney lover this book is for you. It's complied of 12 different stories from some of your favorite Disney characters. From Mickey and Pooh to Cinderella and Peter Pan, this big book is full of fun stories for everyone! We have all been climbing in bed together and reading one story each night. The stories are just the right length too--not too short, not too long. 

The sweetest story. This book is about a teacher who asks his students to count how many seeds are in three different pumpkins proving sometimes big things come in small packages! This book is good for a little bit older children (I'd say 5+) because they do some math by counting the pumpkin seeds but the story is captivating and even curious little toddler minds would enjoy the theme behind it!

The Scarecrow, while not necessarily a Halloween book, is a wonderful book to have in your fall rotation. This book is absolutely beautiful. The illustrations are gorgeous and the story will tug at your heartstrings. I won't indulge because I'd love for you to check it out for yourself and let the storyline be a surprise. Everyone needs this in their library!

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