Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Super Hero

Happy last week of October. I can't believe it. This month flew by! This month has been crazy busy and next month will be too but thankfully everything will calm down after Thanksgiving and I'm looking forward to it. On the one hand I enjoy being busy but rest is nice too.
Bennett, my little costume man, is having the best week because he is getting to dress up SO much. His school is allowing costumes both days this week and my bible study tomorrow is as well. Yesterday I convinced him to go to school in his pirate costume. He begged me to let him wear his Spiderman but his Spiderman costume is way too small. He has never noticed nor does he care but I just couldn't let him go to school wearing it because of how small it is. So he begrudgingly went as a pirate but once we got to school and he saw other little boys in their super hero costumes, he got the saddest look on his face. He didn't say anything but I knew what he was thinking and it broke my heart. As I was hanging up his backpack for him I started feeling guilty that I didn't let him wear what he wanted to. So I bent down and asked him if he wanted me to go home and get his Spiderman costume and bring it back so he could wear it. I could feel his heart leap with joy. He nodded yes and smiled with relief and I told him I'd be right back.
I normally wouldn't do something like that to be honest. But costumes are Bennett's thing. He wears them every single day so it's really important to him. And seeing his sad little face when he saw the other boys in their super hero costumes ripped me apart. I had to fix it. So I did. Except I still couldn't let him wear his size 2T that really looks like a size 6-12M Spiderman costume in public. So I ran in Walmart and got him a new Spiderman that looks just like the original Spiderman except it actually fits right. And while I was at it, I also got him the Iron Man costume he's been begging me for, for weeks. Bennett never asks for anything but we were in Target a few weeks ago and he spotted Iron Man and decided he needed that costume in his life. He's brought it up every day since and I planned to get it and save it for Christmas but he was tugging on my heart strings yesterday so Christmas came early.
When I showed up at school with his Spiderman he was so happy. And then when I picked him up from school and showed him his new Iron Man costume he gasped with so much sweetness and awe. When we got home he asked me if I would take his picture in it and of course I happily obliged. Sweet boy. He LOVES costumes. He literally wakes up and 15 minutes later he's got a costume on. They are his favorite thing ever and right now he is SO into the super heros. He isn't going to be a super hero for Halloween but I promise he is very pumped about his costume. Love this little super hero.

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