Friday, December 20, 2019

Christmas Date + Perfect Photos

Happy Friday everyone!! I can't believe it's the weekend before Christmas. I'm excited for it though because we have a lot of fun activities planned. Tonight Scott and I are going on a date and I'm looking forward to it! We rarely get date nights and honestly, we're okay with it. If we wanted them to happen more often, we'd find a way to make it happen. But both of us are perfectly content doing at-home date nights on the weekend. We typically spend our Friday or Saturday nights in our theater room watching a documentary or movie. Sometimes we have wine to make it feel extra fancy and date-ish but most times we don't. We always enjoy ourselves though and find that's how we prefer to spend our weekends together. I like that we're content with the simple. However, we do love a fun night out and we always try to schedule one during December. We call it our Christmas date and tonight we're going to a yummy restaurant and maybe a movie after...who knows! I'm looking forward to a night out with my husband and I'm sure we'll spend our entire dinner talking about our three sweet boys.
Speaking of, here are our Christmas card outtakes. Attempting to get a good photo of three kids is not for the faint at heart. Behind me rapidly shooting is Scott trying to get them to be still. I don't even need them to look at the camera, just be still so my photos are in focus!!! You'd think it isn't a tall order but apparently it is. I have a feeling next year will be even harder because Wells will be at THE hardest age to photograph. You know what though? The non-perfect photos are my favorite photos. Because one day our kids will be older. They'll pose perfectly still with the perfect smiles on their faces and we'll get the "perfect" photo. But these photos below is what I consider the perfect photo. Older children don't give you these candid moments so if you're a mom to littles, embrace the chaotic photo sessions. They make for the best and most memorable pictures after all!

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