Thursday, January 16, 2020

Crayon Organization

My boys are really into coloring and I love it. However, I have found it really hard to organize all of their coloring supplies. There are countless coloring books, color pencils and crayons in our house. I have searched Pinterest and Google for organization ideas but everything that popped up left me "meh." It didn't feel realistic (like seriously, I'm not going to use empty toilet paper rolls to organize the crayon colors) or practical. The strewn coloring books and colors all across our play table was setting my OCD off but no matter how many trips to Target I took or how many aisles I walked up and down, I couldn't find anything that seemed to make sense. Throwing them all in a cute bucket or bowl didn't feel as if I was actually organizing them. There just had to be something out there. So I went to Target on a mission. I was determined to leave the store with something that was going to organize all of these coloring supplies. It occurred to me while I was walking up and down every aisle, that throughout my dozens of trips in the search of the perfect crayon organizer, one section I hadn't been down was the bath section. They have a lot of great organization products and as soon as I walked over there, I spotted the perfect thing.

This is a plastic spinning turntable organizer. Meant for make-up but perfectly suited for crayons. It has sections, it's clear, it spins and it's plastic. What more could a mom ask for in a crayon organizer? I snatched the last one up and walked out of Target finally feeling accomplished and satisfied. Do my kids love it? 100%. Does it keep my crayons beautifully organized? You bet. It fits well over 100 crayons and the taller section in the middle is the perfect spot for all of our pencils. Crayola needs to buy the rights to this thing because this is crayon organization perfection. I'm going to link it for you because you need this in your life. The one I'm using is the smaller version. There is a larger one as well. Too big for crayons in my opinion unless you had A LOT of crayons. However, if you need more space for say, markers, it would probably be perfect for that. We don't do markers so I wouldn't know. Markers, we have learned, are dangerous.
I didn't find a great coloring book organizer. Just a bin in the dollar section of Target. It isn't perfect but it's better than what it was and it keeps all of our coloring books pretty well organized. I'm happy with it.


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