Monday, January 13, 2020

Snow Day!

We had a very miniature snow day here in Northwest Arkansas on Saturday but my boys found it to be a blast nonetheless. When I was in college and the first five years of mine and Scott's marriage, we would get at least one major snow a year. The kind where it's like, a foot deep and you're literally stuck inside because this is Arkansas and we don't have equipment to clear the roads. The weather man would warn about big snow and you took it serious and went to the store and bought a weeks worth of groceries because you were 100% going to be stuck inside, no doubt about it. The last time we had a snow like that, Campbell was about nine months old. He's almost six now and I am a little bitter about the fact that we used to have legit snow and now that I have kids who are old enough to enjoy it, we get zero snow. We have gotten about two inches of snow every year but I think we're due for a real snow. I don't mind having one a year where you're trapped inside for two days max. I think that's kind of dreamy. But two days is about all I can handle before the cabin fever sets in!! Regardless, my boys had fun and it brought back some major nostalgia because we got the same about of snow this exact same time last year....just a few days before Wells was born. The boys had fun pulling one another in the sled but it didn't last long before they got cold and were ready to go inside and have hot chocolate. Sweet memories, even if the snow was minimal!

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