Monday, February 3, 2020


A first in the Johnson house--someone has the flu!! That someone is Campbell. My child who has been sick 2 (now 3) times in his entire life has the flu!! Such a bummer. Friday night shortly before bed, Campbells eyes got really red. My mom was here and she said "he's about to get the flu." He was fine on Saturday, still had red eyes, but Sunday morning he crawled in our bed at 5 am (he never does that) and was burning up. His fever was a little over 102 and I knew immediately it had to be the flu. He responded so well to motrin though so we didn't take him to get tested just in case it was a little fever virus or something. But when he woke up this morning with a 103 fever I had no doubt it was the flu. I took him to the doctor to get him tested and it came back positive for Type A.
He is handling it so much better than I would. When I'm sick I sleep it off but Campbell has not taken a single nap the last two days. He is such a no napper, even when sick, it's kind of mind blowing honestly. I think the last time he took a nap was the week before he turned three. Anywho, we have him quarantined to our guest room downstairs. He's binging on Power Rangers and YouTube. Scott and I have done a pretty good job keeping the two littles away and so far, the rest of us feel great. Our ped told me today I can feel pretty certain we'll have dodged it if we can get through tomorrow afternoon without getting sick. I told Scott today this is our first experience with the flu in the entire 11 years we've been married! Campbell did get a flu shot which is why I think it hasn't been so terrible for him. I've already gone through an entire can of Lysol and my knuckles are bleeding I've washed my hands so much (wish I was joking) so I'm definitely doing my best to get these yucky germs away. Fingers crossed none of the rest of us get it!!

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