Monday, February 24, 2020

Home Tour - Scott's Office

I thought I'd share Scott's office with you all today! It's one of my favorite rooms in our house. I love the décor and it feels really cozy. Scott works from home and I love it. The boys and I do our very best to not bother him during the day. When his doors are closed, the boys know that means to leave him alone. But I'm most definitely spoiled by having him home because if Wells is napping, I can sometimes run a quick errand or go to the gym if I didn't get around to going first thing in the morning. It's very, very nice and I'm super aware of how lucky I am to have that as an option. I also enjoy having another adult around. Even if Scott has closed his doors and I don't speak to him much throughout the day, it's nice to know he's there!
We wanted to make his office a nice space because clients come to our house occasionally for meetings. Initially I didn't want Scott's office to be the first room you see when you walk into our house. I was worried papers would be everywhere and it would look messy all of the time. But Scott wanted it to be at the front of our house for the purpose of having meetings and I agreed that made sense. And Scott does a fantastic job of keeping his office extra, extra tidy! Thankfully he has a big closet to store all of his papers. Ha!
Scott wanted to be able to have a big table in his office so he could easily roll out his architectural  drawings which is why we don't have any decorations on top of the coffee table. Most of the furniture and artwork in this room is from our old house and it carried over and worked in the space so well.
All of the furniture and accessories are from Bassett. The big piece of art is from IO Metro. It was in our living room in our old house and I still love that piece so, so much. Bassett also did the window treatments--a lot of people don't know that they do custom window treatments but they have done all of ours in our home. The décor of the entire space was pretty much taken care of by our decorator but I did contribute in one tiny little way by finding some books at the flea market. I was pretty excited when I discovered a book entitled "Life of Scott" and I knew I had to get it and put it in Scott's office!
So there's a tour of Scott's office! Scott spends most of his time in here and my father-in-law is here a lot also since they work together. They close the doors and do their work and I hardly even notice they're here. Scott and Randy build beautiful homes together and it all starts in this office. They pay special attention to detail and quality and have hired the best of the best subcontractors in Northwest Arkansas. They are out on their job daily to make sure everything is getting done correctly and never overlook even the smallest of items. From the cabinet design to the doorbell selection, these two have their hand in every single aspect of the home build process. They don't build a dozen+ homes a year but instead focus on just a handful a year to ensure the quality of the home is the absolute best it can possibly be. A lot of people have bad experiences with their builders, but you will never find a client of Scotts who would ever make that claim. He is professional, honest and good at what he does and that is why he has been awarded as one of Northwest Arkansas very best. I'm so proud of the gorgeous homes he builds and that he has a job he loves!

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