Thursday, March 5, 2020

Peter Pan

I have a major Peter Pan lover on my hands. Bennett is recently OBSESSED with Peter Pan. He fell in love while we were at Disney World. He watched the movie right before we went (I made it a point for the boys to watch ALL the Disney movies before we went to Disney) and he kind of watched it, kind of didn't. Peter Pans Flight is my absolute favorite ride at Disney. On the last day of our trip, we were getting ready to ride Peter Pan--our last ride before we went home. Scott, Campbell and Wells rode in a pirate ship together and Bennett and I rode together, separate from them. As the ride came to an end, Bennett looked at me with starry eyes and said in the softest, sweetest voice "I loved it." I will never forget it! There was true awe in his voice and he is never soft spoken, so I could tell he was truly taking in what he had just experienced.
Ever since, our life has been about Peter Pan. Bennett watches Peter Pan almost every day. He has a Peter Pan costume and a Captain Hook costume (but he makes Campbell be Captain Hook and occasionally Campbell obliges. Haha!). We listen to "You Can Fly" every time we get in the car and Peter Pan is all Bennett wants to "play" and talk about. His love of superheros is still strong but it has definitely taken a back seat to Peter Pan. And he no longer wants a superhero party, but a Peter Pan birthday party instead.
My little Peter Pan asked me if I would take his picture in his Peter Pan costume. This boy LOVES costumes and literally wears them daily and has for 15 months now. I will forever remember Bennett's love of costumes and I'm not sad one little bit that he has a Peter Pan obsession. It is such a wonderful movie and I love that he is taken by a classic Disney film (somewhat related: Campbell loves watching Pinocchio and I love that he is entertained by one of the classic Disney films as well!). The only downside to Bennett loving Peter Pan is that there are zero Peter Pan toys. He asks me to get him a Peter Pan toy all the time and there are none out there! Thankfully, Disney came to my rescue with the Peter Pan costume, which really, is all he could ever dream to have!

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