Thursday, March 12, 2020

What's New Here

Tap Tap. This thing still on? I feel super flakey with my blog these days. Scott sometimes asks me why I'm not blogging. I certainly have the time to right now and because I have so much time on my hands, that means I have zero content. Plus I always like to include photos in my posts and I'm not taking photos with my camera much right now. I was so busy taking family photos during the fall that I just needed a big break from taking photos and editing photos. Plus there's nothing pretty to take photos of in the winter. Everything is blah. However, spring is SO close and flowers are beginning to bloom so I know I'll be pulling my camera out soon and wanting to share my images on here!! I thought I'd give a little life update since I haven't done much of that on here in a while.
Wells is 13.5 months now! He is walking with a walker like a little pro. He pulls up on everything and at the beginning of the month we finally lowered his crib to the lowest setting because he was making us nervous that he would fall out! He is super busy. I caught him halfway up the stairs which I had no idea he could do. Nearly gave me a heart attack. This little nugget seems to be much more of an explorer than his older brothers were at this age. He is still just as yummy as ever and the biggest mommas boy I've ever raised.
Bennett is two months shy of hitting that golden age of four. And I can tell. He has seemed a little more grown up to me the last few weeks and I'm really enjoying this sweet boys company while big brother is at school. Bennett can buckle himself into his car seat now and also work Netflix. #momwin. He can write his own name with zero help which I think is so awesome! He also really impresses me with his drawing skills. He drew a picture of The Hulk one morning while I was getting dressed and I was truly impressed at how good he did!! Totally saving that drawing forever. Bennett is still incredibly into Peter Pan and he still loves Captain America too. He loves this taste of spring the weather is bringing us and wants to play outside on nice days--and I don't blame him one bit!
Campbell turns six two weeks from today. He's all grown up on me these days. He's either at the neighbors house after school or they're playing at ours. He is currently into Pokémon and Ninjago but still nothing tops his love of dinosaurs. Campbell is learning to read and I got so happy and emotional one night last week while he read Go Dog Go. Reading isn't his favorite subject though--math is. Campbell loves math (which he did not get from me)!! Campbell calls people "dude" now and uses the word "actually" a lot. He is slowly becoming less attached to me because he is growing up. A friend told me at the beginning of the school year that I would be amazed at the growth Campbell would have in kindergarten and he would basically be like a different person once the year was over. I didn't like hearing it but knew they were probably right and, as it turns out, they were.
As for me, I'm doing the same things I always do. Last week I completed my 200th ride on the Peloton. It was a big milestone moment for me and something I'm proud to have accomplished since I first started riding the Peloton late last summer. I also PR'd on my ride and it felt awesome. I really push myself weekly to get stronger and each month I see my hard work pay off. I do strength training in addition to my rides a few times a week and it feels nice! I like that I'm getting stronger and building endurance. It feels good to do something good for myself every morning. The Peloton has been such an awesome, uplifting thing in my life and I'm super thankful for it!! I'm currently doing a Bible Study that I'm really, really enjoying. I love the small group of women that I have studied with the last several years and that they are people I feel safe being honest and vulnerable with. I love what I'm learning in my study and it's made me do a lot of deep thinking, which sometimes I don't love getting into that space for fear of what it may bring out (ha!) but actually I really do love what that space reveals and teaches me. I'm reading a new book that I'm enjoying, I'm doing pretty good at keeping my Lent sacrifice of only 2 hours on my phone a day, and I'm getting to know some of my neighbors a lot more now that this spring weather is bringing us all out of hibernation and to the park to congregate. I have always loved winter but I'm officially ready for spring and my yard is in the very beginning stages of looking spring-y and it's currently making me very happy!

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