Monday, April 13, 2020

Easter 2020

Our Easter, like most, looked very different this year. I woke up pretty sad about it honestly. I was sad to not celebrate with family and I was sad to not be in my place of worship. I've never not gone to church on Easter so it all just felt off. We haven't been to church in 5 Sundays now and I miss it. I miss my church family, I miss worshiping with others, I miss seeing my church people and talking to them.
We made the most of our Easter and the boys had a really fun day. The Easter Bunny came and left some fun goodies in their baskets. We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, I got in my Peloton ride while Wells took his morning nap, then we all got dressed in our Easter clothes. I bought these outfits long before I could have ever imagined we would never physically be at church for Easter and just because we were home didn't mean we weren't going to get dressed in our sweet Easter outfits!!
We had a simple lunch, put Wells down for his second nap, then we hid eggs in our house so the big boys could do the egg hunt they had been begging to do all day long. It was a beautiful day outside but earlier that morning it had rained really hard so we did the egg hunt inside. I didn't think it would be as much fun but it actually really was and Campbell and Bennett had so. much. fun. hunting their eggs.
After the egg hunt we watched our church service online then I took a quick little Easter nap. When I woke up Scott and I started prepping for a nice Easter dinner. We had delicious steaks and went all out on the sides. I even made a homemade chocolate pie--crust and all. It was so yummy and felt nice. Before we knew it the day was over and it was time to put our three bunnies to bed.
The day was definitely not how I had hoped in my mind it would go. I feared our Easter service would be canceled when all of this began. Easter is really important to me so not being able to do what we traditionally do on Easter Sunday was sad. I was also really sad to be missing our Palm Sunday service as well, as it's probably the most moving church service of our entire year, every year. However, the Lord blessed me in such an unexpected way the day before Easter and it filled my cup and moved my soul. Our church made the most incredible video for our Easter services. A few of my friends shared it right as it was posted on YouTube. I first viewed it when it had less than 100 views and now it has been viewed over 58,000 times. I have probably been at least 1000 of those views. The first time I watched it I was so moved that by the end I had massive tears rolling down my face. I was moved because 1.) I love the song, 2.) I was seeing so many faces that I know and it was good to see them and 3.) the way everyone came together, during this unsettling time in our world, was just so powerful. It was exactly what my heart and soul needed for Easter. I highly encourage you to watch the video because I know it will move you as it has me. Click HERE to view it.
I hope everyone had a great day celebrating our Risen Savior. HE IS WORTHY!!

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