Tuesday, April 28, 2020

First Steps

My sweet baby boy took his first steps tonight!! He has been working up to it for a long time and tonight before bed, he took four very cautious steps and then proceeded to do it again and again and again. Each time my babies take their first steps it brings me to tears. It's one of those big moments and tonight it happened. My sweet angel is growing up! It's so hard for me to imagine him walking around full time. I know he'll crawl for several more weeks and I'm going to soak it up. Babies don't keep.
I know I say it all the time but this angel is such a sweet light in our family. We all adore him so much. They boys get SO excited when Wells does something big. The last few days he's been standing up on his own without having to pull up on anything. The boys will watch him do something new like that and they scream and get so excited and clap. It's truly the sweetest to see how much Campbell and Bennett ADORE Wells.
Bennett says to me "we've never had a baby like this before" as if Wells is a shiny new toy unlike anything we've ever had! He is always allllll up in "his babys'" business all the time. It equal parts frustrates me (give the kid some space!!) and makes me happy that he loves him as much as he does. Campbell is very protective over Wells. He loves him so much. He came to me crying one day because he saw a picture of our family during Wells' newborn photo session. He said it made him sad to look at that picture. I was confused and asked him what he meant, and didn't he love Baby Wells? And he said yes, but he used to be so tiny and now he's just getting bigger and bigger and it makes him sad. I finally understood what he was saying. Baby Wells is growing up--and Campbell doesn't like it one little bit! I told him I feel his sadness.....sometimes it's hard watching your babies grow up but it's also so fun and makes you so happy too.
Sweet Baby Wells....will we ever just call you Wells or will you forever be Baby Wells to everyone in your family? I'm inclined to think we're forever going to call you baby....you are spoiled and loved and growing too fast.

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