Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Week Four

Yesterday we got the news I knew was coming but still found it hard to hear---no more school for the remainder of this school year. It made my heart sink into my stomach. 1.) I am sad this is how Campbell's kindergarten year is ending and 2.) homeschooling is so challenging on top of my other duties. I can't believe I have another two months of it. It's super tricky trying to work with Campbell while Wells is awake. We try to get all of his school work done while Wells is taking his two naps but nap time has also always been my time where I'm able to get MY work done--unload the dishwasher, shower, laundry, pick up the house, make all the beds, do my workout if I didn't get to it first thing in the morning, etc. I pray, pray, pray Wells does not drop that morning nap before the school year is over. I know he's getting close in age to where it's time to drop it but Lord have mercy on my mental well being, I need Wells to keep that morning nap until May 26. Bless it and amen.
I know I mostly talk a lot about Campbell missing out on his school experience but I am also really sad for Bennett too. He loves his preschool and his little friends. I am so, so thankful that this is not his last year at his pre-school because that would really feel like a sad blow. He has had zoom meetings with his pre-school class and it has been adorable! I think Bennett has quite enjoyed our quarantine and having Campbell home. They are really enjoying one anothers company. They have always been the best of friends but they are definitely playing together more these days. I think maybe when Campbell was in school, he would come home tired and just wanted to sit and de-stress and be alone for a bit watching TV, which I totally get. Now he and Bennett play all day and make up games and I love it. A silver lining to this mess for sure.
Sweet Wellsy hasn't missed a beat, obviously. He is enjoying that we are going on more family walks and he is loving this beautiful weather. He DOES NOT like grass or trees or flowers so do not encourage him to touch it because just no. Wells is probably going to have stranger anxiety once all of this is over since he no longer goes to the church nursery for MDO, my bible study, and church. Wells is not walking yet (I am so surprised....I thought he would for sure start walking on his own in March) but I don't mind. I'm enjoying watching him crawl at lightening speed because I know in a few short weeks he'll be walking everywhere and I'll never have a crawling baby again so I'm soaking it up. Wells is into exploring EVERYTHING unlike any baby I have ever had. It's exhausting for Scott and I but we can't help but laugh at it. He is sweet as sugar.
Thankful these days for finding those silver linings, beautiful weather and new morning mercies.

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