Friday, May 1, 2020

Strawberries and Blueberries

Happy Friday and Happy May! May is a fun month in the Johnson house. We have three birthdays, the end of school, a fun holiday, and the introduction to summer. I think everyone can agree that May is one of the better months of the year, right? 
We have been enjoying this absolutely perfect weather these last few days. I wish this is how the weather would stay the rest of the summer. I already dread the August and September heat. I find it to be utterly miserable when it gets insanely hot. I would take 0 degree temps over 90+ temps any day.
Campbell has been talking a lot about planting fruit seeds so we could grow our own plants. He has planted a few apple seeds in our backyard in the hopes that a massive tree will sprout out overnight. I have always wanted to grow fruits and vegetables but I've never done it. I figured we needed a fun project to take on and keep us occupied so today we went to our local nursery and got a big blueberry shrub and two strawberry plants. We potted them and put them in the only sunny spot on our porch and I am really excited! I have no idea how to care for fruits but I'm hoping it's no different than flowers. I didn't put a lot of thought into the blueberry shrub and I actually grabbed the last and only one they had. Once I got it home and read a little about it, I was pleasantly surprised! The shrub will keep it's green leaves year round. It has beautiful fall foliage and pink flowers in the spring! In late summer we should see some blueberries and as long as we take good care of it, we should be able to keep our blueberry shrub year after year after year! Our strawberry plants already have strawberries growing on them....not quite big enough to pull yet but they are already red and very juicy looking. Like I said, every summer I want to do this and I never do. I'm hoping this ends up being a fun summer adventure for me and the boys. They are so excited to water the plants and care for them and I hope we end up producing a lot of fruits for our labor!!

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