Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Kindergarten Graduate

Campbell graduated kindergarten today! It feels so crazy because I'm pretty sure just yesterday I was an anxious mess waiting on him to get home from his first day of school. The first week of kindergarten was hard and Campbell cried every day. I had a moment where I wasn't sure how it was going to work out and I had such a pit in my stomach every day that week, nervous for my little boy in a new big world.
However, he quickly feel in love with his new school, his new friends and especially his new teacher. It truly ended up being the most amazing year! We adore his school and all of the staff there. Campbell made so many new friends and I did too in his friends moms! I was a home room mom and had so much fun being involved and planning parties. I enjoyed going to have lunch with Campbell a couple of times and getting a chance to chat with the sweet teachers aids. It was overall just a fantastic experience. I cannot say enough good things.
Campbell's teacher came by our house today to drop off a graduation certificate and a special little prize. He was given the "Exceptional Leadership" award but most importantly, Campbell was SO excited to see his sweet teacher for the first time in over two months. When she left, he cried off and on all day long....and cried himself to sleep. He ADORES her and is SO sad that he can't be in kindergarten/her class anymore.
With the exception of how the year ended, our first year of school was such a huge success. It's incredible to see how much Campbell learned. He can read and do math. He has learned so much history and a lot about the planet. He truly came out of this year a whole new person. It's fun and exciting to see his mind grow and expand. I think he's ready for a little learning break (that makes two of us!) but hopefully he'll enjoy doing some light summer reading with his new collection of Dr Seuss books he's gotten! We are so proud of our Campbell and I can't believe in a few short months he will officially be a first grader!

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