Thursday, May 28, 2020

Oh Hi There!

Hello! Do you still remember me. Haha! I'm Kara, and a year older since I last blogged.
I don't really have an excuse for the hiatus except that maybe I'm like everyone else in this world and just in a funk. Life is weird and not normal therefore I'm out of my normal life routine--which includes blogging. But I'm anxious to get back because I have a lot to share! Now that Campbell has officially graduated from kindergarten, I have more time on my hands and a lot less stress on my mind.
I have a lot of catching up to do on here. I think I'll start with my Memorial Day weekend since the weekend included my birthday!! We finally escaped our house and went to Little Rock to spend the weekend with my family. I cannot even begin to tell you how good it was to be somewhere different. After observing the boys for a day, I realized how so very happy they were. They were joyful like I hadn't seen in quite some time. It made me sad because their mental health has been affected by this shutdown too--they just don't know how to express or process it. They were SO happy and giggling and full of energy and life. It was just really good for all of us to be somewhere different and having a good time. Earlier in the week the forecast had predicted rain which was a bummer since my parents have a pool and I didn't think we would get a chance to use it. But wouldn't you know, the entire weekend ended up being beautiful and sunny. It was wonderful!
We literally spent our entire weekend swimming. From the moment the boys woke up they were anxious to get out there. My parents pool is heated and they warmed it up to a sizzling 95 degrees which was perfection.
On Sunday Scott and I snuck out for a little bit in the afternoon to do some shopping then later that evening we snuck back out for a date night! We enjoyed the patio at one of our favorite restaurants in Little Rock. It was so nice to be out at a restaurant and the weather was so perfect. Our food was fantastic and it was nice to be able to enjoy one anothers company on a date night!
The next day, on Memorial Day, I woke up another year older! I seriously had one of my favorite birthdays ever. I spent the day with my whole family (something I haven't done in forever--even my Grammy was there!) and I laid by the pool all day which is something I love to do. I even got to be by the pool by myself for a few hours which was so lovely. I realized while I was laying there alone how much I enjoy being alone sometimes. Hahaha! It's honestly just because I never get to be alone so when I am alone, I just really enjoy it. Just a little bit of alone time is all I need though. I love splashing in the pool with my boys and they were so sweet and made me feel extra special on my birthday.
Wellsy is totally obsessed with the pool. I honestly wasn't sure what he would think of it but he could not get enough. My parents have a lot of shallow ledges and areas where he could walk around in the water. He was living his best life. If he wasn't napping he was in the pool--and those naps were solid because the fun of the pool and the sun wore him out!! He looked so cute in his little swim diapers and he came back with a better tan than me.
Overall seriously just such a great weekend. We will be spending A LOT of time at Pops and Gammas house this summer. It doesn't look like we're going to be going on a vacation this summer so Club Luttrell it is!

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