Tuesday, June 2, 2020

'The Love Of Gardening Is A Seed Once Sown That Never Dies'

We are currently doing a big addition to our landscaping outside and I am so excited with the way it's coming together. We have always planned on adding onto our outdoor space by planting more trees, plants etc. and I am so excited to see the final result of our space. We have planted 26 new trees, added a lot of beautiful plants like peonies and hydrangeas, and have created a creek area that I know my kids are going to have so much fun playing in. The "creek" is being put in to help with our water drainage but we figured we may as well make it look cool while doing it. It won't have water in it all the time but after a good rain it should for a few days and I really can't wait to see it finished. They have been working in our back yard every day for a few weeks now and it looks like they are pulling everything together this week. It's always so fun having a big project to enjoy and Scott keeps commenting that I'm never going to want to move from this house once it's all said and done. He might be right! The more time we spend in our home the more I love it. I love our patio and outdoor space and I love our neighborhood too. As more neighbors have moved in and I've had the chance to meet them and become friends with them, the more this place feels like home.
My landscaper knows how much I love to garden so we always work together on what exactly I want planted. I have a big opinion on what I want but I don't think he minds! Haha! He always brings in most of the plants but then I always go to my local nursery and pick out some flowers to sprinkle in here and there. I spent all weekend going to all of the local nurseries in my area and grabbing flowers that I loved and thought would work well in our space. I just love gardening so much so it brought me a lot of happiness. There is a quote that says "He who plants a garden plants happiness" and that is absolutely true for me!

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