Thursday, July 2, 2020


Can y'all believe it's July? I feel like we're having a really fun summer so far. We aren't doing much but the boys are older and things just get easier and more fun I guess. I left my house today for the first time since....wait for it....Friday. I literally have not gone anywhere outside of my house for nearly a week. And what is sad is that I hardy even noticed. A true sign of what life has been like since mid-March. I used to feel like I was going absolutely stir crazy with cabin fever if I had even one day where I didn't get out of my house and now I've gone nearly a week and didn't even care. Granted, I did have a lot of work this week so that kept me busy in front of the computer but still. It's sad.
We are looking forward to a long weekend. I always love celebrating Independence Day but this year I am extra happy to celebrate my country that I love so much. Today was a good day in America. Hoping for more like it in the upcoming months!!

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