Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Our Grown Up Disney Trip {Hollywood Studios}

On our second day at Disney, we decided to do Hollywood Studios. I love Hollywood Studios and we were really hoping we would get a shot at riding Rise of the Resistance since the crowds were so much lower. Hollywood Studios doesn't open until 10:00 right now so since we had some extra time on our hands in the morning, we decided to go to one of our favorite resorts, Beach Club, and have breakfast.

Several of the restaurants at Disney are temporarily closed right now including all of our favorite breakfast places. Breakfast at Disney is so yummy and you can't go to Disney and not get Mickey waffles!! A few weeks before our trip, I was browsing the Disney app looking into breakfast options and noticed Beach Club had a place I had never noticed before called Beach Club Marketplace. It was a quick service option where we could just walk in and grab breakfast so we decided to give it a try. We loved it! There were servers there waiting to plate you up so we didn't have to wait to get our food. We just walked in, ordered our Mickey waffles, then found a cozy little room in Beach Club called the Solarium, to enjoy our yummy breakfast! It was so lovely!! We loved how quick and easy it was and we decided to go back again later in the week. We will definitely always keep this option in mind when we want to grab a quick, yummy breakfast in the future (they also serve lunch and dinner). 
After breakfast we decided to pop on the Skyliner to get to Hollywood Studios. We had never done the Skyliner before so we thought it would be fun. It was fun and sooooo nice BUT we made a huge mistake by taking it to Hollywood Studios. We didn't realize we would have to get off at Caribbean Beach and get on a different Skyliner going a different direction. When we got off, the line to get on the Skyliner to head towards Hollywood Studios was SO long. We immediately pulled out our phones and requested a Lyft. Thankfully there was one just 2 minutes away so we hopped in it and got to Hollywood Studios that way. By the time it was all said and done, we most definitely could have walked from Beach Club to Hollywood Studios faster than the skyliner/lyft journey. Lesson learned. 
All was well because we made it into the park just before 10:00. We noticed there were already a lot of people in the park which clued us in to the fact that they were letting people in earlier than what they said they were. We had a game plan to get to the park and walk to Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway but the line was already fairly long. So we bypassed and decided to go to Toy Story Land. We popped right on every ride and by the end of the day, we got to ride on all of them three times, walking right onto Toy Story Mania and Swirling Saucers each time, and only waiting for Slinky Dog for about 20 minutes. 
Of course the number one thing on our agenda when we entered the park was to attempt to snag a queue for Rise of the Resistance at 10:00. We took the advice of our Disney agent which was to get off the wifi and get far away from anyone else in the park so we wouldn't be competing with anyones signals. At 10:00 we requested access and were thrilled to see we got boarding group 27! We knew we would be able to ride it and we were super pumped!! We were told we would have about a 2.5 hour wait before we would get to board so we spent that time doing Toy Story Land, Star Tours and Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway. I ADORED Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway SO MUCH. Like, top 5 favorite rides at Disney, no doubt. It was the longest line we had to wait in the entire time we were at Disney, about 40 minutes, but it was so worth it that we did it twice!! Hollywood Studios was without question the busiest of the four parks while we were there. No doubt because of Runaway Railway and ROTR.
Before too long our boarding group was called. Scott was like a kid at Christmas. He loves Star Wars and was SO pumped. It really was such an impressive experience. It was a longer attraction which made it even more fun. We got off at one point during the attraction and entered this room above and Scott was like "take my picture." LOL! It felt so cool that we got a chance to ride it and I'm pretty certain it was the highlight of Scott's trip!
After ROTR we popped in Oga's Cantina for a drink. It was a super cool and unique experience but I won't do it again. The atmosphere was awesome but the drinks were weird and it's just not worth spending the time to do it. I'm glad we did it though, especially since it's not really something we would ever do with the kids in tow. We can check it off our list now. 
As the day was drawing to an end, we weren't really sure what to do with ourselves anymore. We had ridden rides two and three times and walked all over the parks and shopped in all the shops. We had late dinner reservations at The Hollywood Brown Derby so we stayed in the park all day long and just kept doing rides until it was time to eat. Dinner at the Brown Derby was fantastic!! We did lunch there the last time we went and we didn't love it. Dinner, however, was delicious. It was nice to have a glass of wine and a nice meal and just chill after a really long day. Hollywood Studios wore me out the most because the lines were longer and the crowds were bigger. My feet were tired and I was worn out!! 
By the time we were done with dinner, the park had been closed for quite a while. We were literally some of the last people to leave Hollywood Studios and it was so neat getting to see it like this. I snapped this pic real quick before we grabbed a Lyft and headed back to our hotel. 

Hollywood Studios was such a fun day! We rode three rides that we had never ridden before and they were all so good. I love feeling like I've done everything in the park that I don't even know what to do with myself anymore. Like I said earlier, it was definitely the most crowded park of the four but the crowds were still crazy low compared to normal. The fact that it only took us 15-20 minutes to ride standby for Slinky speaks for itself!! Hollywood Studios is such a fun park. Toy Story Land makes me feel happy and the park in general is just a fun place to be!

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