Monday, August 31, 2020

Our Grown Up Disney Trip {Magic Kingdom}

Wrapping up our grown up Disney trip with my very favorite, Magic Kingdom! Magic Kingdom doesn't open until 9:00 AM right now but since we were noticing the parks had people in them before rope drop, we decided to get there early just to see if we could get in. We took the bus from our hotel to MK and got there at 8:30. 

We were able to walk right in and the first thing we did was head straight to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. We walked right onto it! After Mine Train we did my absolute favorite, Peter Pan's Flight and again, walked right on. We couldn't believe our luck and that we were in the parks so early and before anyone else. We decided to keep knocking out the most popular rides before too many people started arriving so we did Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean then Jungle Cruise. We walked right onto every single one of them and did them all in 45 minutes. We were so excited that we walked onto all of those rights one right after another. We kept commenting how we were forever going to be spoiled by these low crowds. 
We decided that we would ride every single ride in Magic Kingdom that day because why not?! We certainly had plenty of time and there were a few rides in Magic Kingdom we had never done. We walked onto nearly every single one of them. One attraction I have always wanted to do but never had the chance is Carousel of Progress. I wasn't even really sure what it was but I was pleasantly surprised to see it was a type of show where we got to sit in an auditorium for a bit. The show was 20 minutes long and I enjoyed it so much. My kids would have been bored if they had been with us so I'm so glad Scott and I got a chance to do it. 

For lunch we decided to try The Plaza. It's been a place I've always wanted to try because the location is so great. It was a really, really small restaurant but we enjoyed it! There wasn't much on the menu to choose from. I got their club sandwich and Scott got a hamburger. Nothing special but it was yummy and we had a beautiful view of the castle while we ate. Also the waiter gave us a massive to-go iced tea which was a major perk for me. I would definitely eat there again. 
As our day was winding down, we decided to walk down Main Street and pop in the shops and buy our boys some goodies. It took us about an hour to decide what all we wanted to get them and I enjoyed getting to take my time. It seems like I'm always rushed when I'm in the shops because we have a meal or fast pass to get to. After we were done shopping, we realized we still had about 20 minutes left before the park closed. We decided to see if we could do our two favorite rides one more time. Peter Pan didn't have a wait at all so we hopped on it for the 3rd time that day! We got off and walked over to Mine Train and even though it had a bit of a wait and the park was "technically" already closed, we still got to stay in line and wait until it was our turn. We love Mine Train and it was a great way to end our fun grown up trip!
We left the park and took the bus to the Riveria for dinner at Topolinos Terrace. I had never been inside the Riveria before and was excited to see Disney's newest hotel. It was so beautiful and so nice. We sat at our table and had a lovely view of the resort. The atmosphere of the restaurant was fantastic. If you go to Disney and are there celebrating a special occasion, I definitely recommend this be the restaurant you dine at for it! I've eaten at (I think) all of the nicer restaurants at Disney (well, besides Victoria and Alberts haha!) and I would have to say this was the nicest experience of them all. I had the best champagne I've ever tasted and my filet was amazing and so beautifully presented. I highly recommend dining there. After we finished our dinner, we went out on the terrace to finish our drinks then decided to walk around the resort grounds and check it all out. They have the most beautiful tiled murals of Rapunzel and Peter Pan. Our server insisted we go see them after we were done eating and I'm so glad she did. A few short steps from the murals was the Disney Skyliner so we hopped on it to head back to our hotel and crash after a long, fun day. The next morning we went back to Beach Club for one last Disney breakfast before heading back home to see our boys.
I cannot express enough how fun our vacation was. Scott and I were in need of a getaway and what more of a fun place to go than Disney?! The older we've gotten the more we want to do and explore for a vacation vs relaxing on a beach which has previously always been our preferred way to travel. We like being somewhere that's full of constant entertainment and there is nowhere better for that than Disney! I loved our Epcot day and felt like we were able to do so many cool things that we wouldn't have been able to do normally. We rode so many new rides at Hollywood Studios and literally ran out of things to do there because we had done it all!! Animal Kingdom was so nice and I loved getting to explore the park and ride FOP twice! Magic Kingdom is my forever favorite and simply being there gives you a feel good feeling. The crowds were so low that I'm worried we will forever be spoiled by it. Disney went above and beyond to make their guests feel safe. There was hand sanitizer everywhere you looked, and they were deep cleaning the rides every 2 hours. The mask didn't bother me like I thought it would and you could always sit down somewhere and take it off whenever you wanted. I had read on the Disney Junkies Facebook group that some of the magic wasn't there but I totally disagree. I would absolutely take my kids and I know they would have as magical of a time as they have ever had! I one million percent recommend going now if you've considered it. Initially I thought "oh I don't want to spend the money to go to Disney and it be half as good as what it typically is" but that is not at all how it was! If anything, now is the best time to go because of how low the crowds are. Scott kept saying "we're getting done in one day what would typically take us 2.5 days to do." The only thing I'm sad we missed out on was the fireworks and breakfast at 1900 Park Fare. We'll just have to catch it next time!! With Disney, there is always a next time for us!

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