Monday, November 2, 2020


We had such a fun Halloween! I loved that it was on a Saturday this year. The boys got SO. MUCH. CANDY. We are set on candy for a loooong time. I think Campbell made it a game to see how much he could collect. He made sure he hit up every single house. Wells got the hang of it after a couple of houses. But he wasn't interested in putting any of his treats in his Halloween sack, he wanted to eat them right away. He spent a lot of the evening cruising in the stroller, eating candy. As soon as he was finished with his special treat, he wanted out so he could trick-or-treat for more!!

It was a great night trick-or-treating with our friends!! The weather was just right and our neighborhood went all out on fun decorations. It was so festive and everyone looked so cute in their costumes. The girls even got dressed up and joined us in a neighborhood costume parade!! I just love Halloween so much. I think it's such a fun holiday and I love seeing everyone in their costumes. I'm sad it's already over because it's definitely one of my favorite holidays!! 

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