Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Happy 2021!

Hey all! Happy New Year!! I took a little blogging break while my kids were off from school. Bennett went back to school yesterday and Campbell goes back tomorrow so we're getting back into our regular ol' routine. 

We had a really wonderful Christmas holiday! We spent it with family like always and we made great memories. Scott and I have a small family so our gatherings are always just with parents only and that's exactly how we did it this year too. We did Christmas Eve with his parents, woke up at our house on Christmas morning, then around 1:00 we hopped in the car and headed to Little Rock to spend the rest of the day with my parents. 

Our Christmas morning with our boys was sweet and magical. Scott and I were so certain this would be the year the boys would wake us up super early but they didn't!! As soon as I woke up I looked at the monitor and noticed Wells was awake, Campbell looked like he was beginning to wake up and Bennett was out cold. I laid there a few minutes to see what Campbell would do and he still laid in bed, awake, so I decided to go upstairs and get him. We woke Bennett up and I hope I never forget what he said which was "oh thanks for waking me up guys, I almost missed the holiday." It made me smile so big! They came downstairs to see what Santa left them and were so excited about their Nintendo Switches. Wells was super pumped about his Mickey vacuum.

Campbell wasn't interested in much after getting his switch but Bennett was excited to open up all of his new presents and he wanted to play with everything!! Wells loved his cars and pound a peg and Madison found her and Ivy's presents a few days before Christmas and opened them all up then so they didn't have anything for Christmas day. Stinker. 

We spent several days in Little Rock and it was a nice little getaway. NYE was spent at home like always! I have really enjoyed the Christmas break. It feels nice to break away from the routine for a week or two and sleep in, watch movies with my kiddos, play toys, and do things together. I love routine and I never care to get off from our routine for more than two weeks (so summer is extra hard on me!) but this break has been refreshing. Hoping for a better 2021 than we had in 2020!

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