Thursday, April 29, 2021


This week I have started to have some beautiful new visitors in my backyard! The summer birds have migrated this way and I have been blessed by their beautiful presence!! This is my first summer to pay attention to summer birds. I just recently picked up my birding hobby at the end of November so getting to experience all of these gorgeous new birds in my backyard is so exciting to me!

Earlier this week this beautiful Summer Tanager popped by for a quick visit. Isn't he gorgeous? The female version of this bird is yellow! I sure do hope to see more of him over the next few months. 
This bird came to see me several times throughout the day on Tuesday. He was so, so beautiful!! I have a bird ID app and a Birds of Arkansas Field Guide book that I keep on hand and this little fella couldn't be found in either. I am in a "Arkansas Birders" group on Facebook so I posted this picture and asked if anyone could help me identify him. I got a lot of responses because apparently it is quite rare to have this species show up to a feeder! This is a Yellow Breasted Chat and everyone kept telling me how lucky I was to have one! It made me so excited to not only be able to see him but also that I had my camera handy to get some good photos! 

This isn't my favorite photo (I prefer to get birds in a tree) but it's the only one I was able to get of this beauty. This is an Indigo Bunting and I have hoped to get to see one this summer so I feel so thankful that one showed up in my yard! He didn't stay long and I was frantically taking photos before he flew away. I hope he comes back and I'm able to get more pictures. Isn't he just so gorgeous? I wish the photo captured how vibrant he was. Truly stunning!! Birds are fun!

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