Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Hand Stitching

I may have already mentioned this before but in case I haven't, I just wanted to share how much I love having some of Wells' outfits hand stitched. It's something I never did with Campbell or Bennett and I regret it so bad. Machine embroidery is beautiful and special too but there is something extra timeless to me about a personalized, hand stitched outfit. 

I send these off to have them done and every time I get them back I know they'll be pieces I'll keep forever. Sometimes I find a design I like and then search for an outfit that would work with it and sometimes I find the outfit first, knowing a hand stitched design would make it complete. I recently got back this beautifully handstitched Noah's Arc outfit and I love it so much. I purchased this Proper Peony bubble at the very beginning of the year knowing it would make for a sweet church outfit. I felt it was fitting to do a bible story and what's sweeter than Noah's Arc? I adore how this outfit turned out and I know we'll treasure it forever.
If you've never had an outfit hand stitched I highly encourage it! I always tag who I use on IG so if you're searching for someone to do it for you, I highly recommend the ladies I use. I sure do hope my boys future wives like dressing their boys the way I dress mine. Haha!!! I have so many sweet outfits saved for my future grandsons to wear. This one is one of them. :)

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