Thursday, May 27, 2021

Last Day of School

Campbell and Bennett both had their last day of school today!! What a great school year they've had! They both love school, their teacher, their friends and learning. They never complained once about going to school and never seemed to have a bad day. I feel like I really didn't get to know Campbell's little class at all this year since I never once was able to go inside his school. There was a slight disconnect there for me because I never got to know the other moms or be inside Campbell's class or anything like that. Thankfully I was able to get to know his sweet teacher well so I was grateful for that! Campbell learned so much this year and grew a lot academically. He started the year off not being a fan of reading and somewhat struggling to read. It just hadn't clicked for him. He also hated writing. It was like pulling teeth last year while we were doing virtual. Now he loves reading and often reads to me before bedtime! He wrote his teacher a sweet little note today and didn't need any help--just such a big boy now. It has been really cool to see him grow academically and I hope he'll look back on this year with fond memories.

Bennett is officially a preschool graduate!! He had a fantastic year! The year started stressful for us because the school we were supposed to attend didn't re-open and didn't tell us until the day before school was supposed to start. I knew how important it was for Bennett to get prepped for kindergarten so I literally scrambled and called every pre-school in the area to see if there was an opening. The school we ended up at miraculously had one opening left and we took it. I signed Bennett up the day before school started, knowing nothing about the school or his teacher. Bennett walked in, alone, on the first day of school to a brand new place knowing not a single soul there. It was overwhelming for us all. However, Bennett had a great day (aside from being very upset that they kept his school supplies haha!). As the days, weeks and months went along, we began to really fall in love with his new school. Bennett would come home with legit school work and we were so impressed by what all he was learning. However, the most impressionable thing about the school to us was how much they poured into the kids about Jesus. They made us a worship CD that we listen to every day. Bennett would get in the car saying the sweetest things about Jesus. He now loves to pray and would say the most genuine, thoughtful and mature prayers. We were just truly blown away. So much so that we decided to check out the church. Over half a year later we have not only fallen in love with the school but also the church and found a new home there that we love. What began as an exceptionally frustrating year ended with seeing what a blessing this path the Lord has led us down is and we are so thankful for His wisdom in directing us here. 

I would normally be really sad that my baby is all grown up and headed for kindergarten but honestly, Bennett has been longing for the day to attend kindergarten since Campbell's first day of kindergarten. So I am SO excited for Bennett to be able to go to the same elementary school as Campbell this fall. He is going to LOVE it so much. I'm so, so thankful he ended his pre-school journey where he did and he made THE sweetest little friends. They literally all came to his birthday party a few weeks ago to celebrate him--truly just the sweetest group of families and we love Bennett's teacher too. Thankfully we will get to see her at church every Sunday and maybe Wells will be blessed to have her as his teacher one day too. 

So that's a wrap on the 2020/2021 school year. I know a lot of people didn't think we'd make it the entire year but I knew we would. :) 

Let's go summer!!

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