Monday, May 3, 2021


I am so behind on posting. I had a lot of newborn photo shoots last month and they take me a really long time to edit. So any time I had time to sit at my computer I was working on those. I was thumbing through my blog and realized I never shared the beautiful tulips I had this year! I have always dreamed of a tulip lined sidewalk. I never think about it in the fall when it's time to plant the bulbs but this past fall I remembered and they were just as dreamy as I imaged them to be!

The people we use for our landscaping, Four Seasons Landscaping, planted them for us and they did such a great job! They sent me a few different color options back in the fall and I couldn't remember what I had chosen!! I just loved them so much but the only problem I had is that they didn't last nearly long enough!!! The only downside to tulips.

All of the blooms are now gone and it looks so sad. These tulips made me sooo happy this spring and I've not decided they are a must have every spring from now on!! 

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