Friday, June 11, 2021

Summer Fridays

Happy Friday!! We are soaking up summer over here. We have been spending so much time at our neighborhood pool and it has been fantastic!!! This is the first summer, since I've been a mom, that I feel like I'm able to actually enjoy myself at the pool. Normally I'm stressed about everyone's safety and it's just so, so hard to actually GET to the pool then it seems like I can only be there an hour before it's nap time or something. This summer Campbell and Bennett are swimming, Wells is big enough to wear floaties so I don't have to constantly hold him or hover over's just all been so good.

This week we have been really busy. When not spending a few hours relaxing at the pool, Campbell and Bennett have had a full schedule. We've been doing "speed week" swim classes. It's been swim lessons every day this week. I really feel like it's made a big difference in their swimming abilities. Campbell has been swimming for 2 years now but I like having him in classes to help him become a stronger swimmer. He's been learning the breaststroke and backstroke and learning safety, etc. It's been good for him and he is getting more confident in the water. Bennett is officially swimming now. He still has some work to do but he is finally confident getting under the water and pretending to be a fish. I still don't take my eyes off him when he's swimming because his skills are very new, but he's finally got it! And Wellsy can actually swim for a very short distance too!!! I'm so proud of him. These lessons have been fantastic. We started at the end of January and I wish I had done it sooner. I'm planning on keeping Wells in year round....maybe Campbell and Bennett too--we'll see!

Campbell also played his last baseball game of the season. My sweet boy hit a home run and it was SO exciting!! I was jumping up and down like a crazy person and everyone was cheering for him so loudly. Unfortunately he was the first one up to bat--if only those bases had been loaded!!! It was our first tournament game and we lost the game by one point so no more baseball for us. Sad. We'll enjoy the summer then start back in the fall. Campbell LOVES playing baseball. 

Bennett is staying busy with his ninja classes twice a week and Wells is living his best summer life with Disney+ and all the snacks. 

Successful summer so far!

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