Thursday, July 15, 2021

Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

Our fourth day at Disney went a little different than we had planned. Originally, we were going to spend the first half of this day super slow paced by lounging all morning then going to our resort pool. We thought we'd let Wells catch a nap, then in the afternoon head over to Epcot for a few rides and dinner at Chef's de France. It seemed like a good plan. But it rained. And at the very last minute I managed to score a breakfast reservation at Topolino's Terrace and I couldn't pass it up. We were staying at the Riviera after all, so how could we skip out on Disney's best breakfast right inside our hotel? 

Our breakfast reservation wasn't until 10:00 so we were still able to enjoy a slow paced morning which was nice. And breakfast was incredible. Without a doubt one of my must do's every time I go to Disney now. We have eaten dinner at Topolino's and it's amazing but this was our first breakfast experience. The restaurant is beautiful and the entire experience was 100%. The characters are fabulous and this may sound silly but their outfits are amazing. Oh and of course the food was delicious. I had the quiche gruyere, Scott got the spiced sausage hash and the boys chose the Mickey waffle dippers. I loved the Mickey waffles being on a stick--so much easier and less messy to dip in syrup! Overall I give this a 10/10 and say it is an absolute must do at Disney, especially if you have kids. 

After breakfast we decided to hop on the skyliner and head on over to Epcot to check out their Flower and Garden Festival. I have always wanted to see this and it did not disappoint. I have been there for the Wine and Food Festival and loved it but I loved the Flower and Garden Festival more. 

I had heard how delicious this orange sunshine wine slushy was in Epcot and right when we arrived I passed by it and had to stop. It did not disappoint. My only complaint is that the serving size was too small!! I ended up going back for seconds....maybe thirds. So, so delicious. After I grabbed my drink we decided to start the day with riding Nemo then we popped over to Soarin and had to do rider swap on it since Wells isn't tall enough. Scott took the big boys and Wells and I headed over to Canada to grab a drink.

By this point in our trip, Wells and Bennett were absolutely exhausted. Like, literally suffering from exhaustion. They both napped in the stroller while Campbell and I road Soarin and I loved getting to ride one of my favorite rides with my happy little guy who wasn't at all tired or grumpy like his brothers. 

Campbell and I met back up with Scott and the two littles after I quickly grabbed my favorite snack in Epcot--a tostada and margarita in Mexico. I think this is the best thing to eat in Epcot. It's so dang good. And that's saying something because I've never eaten something in Epcot that wasn't as delicious as can be. 

Unfortunately the stroller nap didn't make Wells and Bennett feel better and their whining was making Scott and I miserable to be honest. Suddenly it started pouring rain and we were right in America and the show An American Adventure was about to start. I had been wanting to see this show and it was the perfect opportunity for us to escape the rain so we popped in to see it. Y'all. It was SO GOOD. So good. I wasn't even sure what the show was about or what to expect and it blew me away. I wanted to give it a standing ovation after it was over. I will never miss this any time I go to Epcot again. I've even watched it on YouTube since. So good!!!

The whole day Campbell and Bennett had been dying to go to Japan so they could shop for Mario and Pokemon toys in their store and we finally made it over there. They took their time browsing and walked away with some new stuff they didn't need. 

At this point though, the whining had reached top level and Scott and I were actually feeling bad for Bennett. He was SO tired and we knew we had to go home. I painfully canceled our dinner reservation at Chef's de France and we left Epcot. The skyliner was down because of the rain so we walked over to Beach Club to grab a Lyft to our hotel. Even though it was still the afternoon, we stuck Bennett and Wells in the bath, put their pj's on, and they laid in bed and lounged the rest of the day.

Campbell, meanwhile, was perfectly happy and wanted to do something fun. It was raining so we couldn't do the pool but we discovered our resort had a cool room for guests to be able to paint pottery! He picked out a shark piggy bank and took his time painting a beautiful blue masterpiece. As soon as he was finished we picked up some pizza's at Primo Piatto and took them up to our room. 

We stuck the boys in bed early then Scott and I continued our nightly ritual of hanging out on our balcony while drinking wine. I was super bummed to miss out on Chef's de France and having to leave Epcot early since it's maybe my favorite park. Thankfully we knew we would be going back to Epcot, otherwise I may have hopped back on the skyliner and explored it all by myself. Ha! It wasn't Chef's de France but our pizza's from Primo Piatto were fantastic, just like everything else we had eaten from there. We were glad the boys were able to get some good, long rest since we were headed to Magic Kingdom the next morning for another fun day! 

Our originally plan of taking it easy that morning and relaxing by the pool would have resulted in a better day for us. Disney is a lot for kids and rest is so important. In hindsight we should have had breakfast then gone back to the room to chill but it's so hard to do that when you're wanting to do and see all the things. Oh well! Thankfully we got to spend another day in Epcot but lesson learned---rest is crucial. 

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