Friday, October 22, 2021

Last Day in Vermont

Our flight home didn't leave until 4:00 PM and it was just an hour and a half drive from Woodstock to Burlington so we had several hours to take a little more advantage of seeing all of Vermont before we had to head home. 

The first thing I wanted to do on our last day was see Sleepy Hallow Farm. It's one of the most photographed spots in Woodstock and I didn't want to miss it. Like everything in Woodstock, it was about a five minute drive from our hotel so after another delicious breakfast at our hotel, we packed up our bags then headed out on our final adventures of New England. 

When we pulled up cars were lined down the road. I realized there were a lot of people who wanted to see this famous farm. I grabbed my camera and headed down the road where I saw tons of other photographers and tourists taking photos of this beautiful place. Can you imagine living here? I googled why this is such a famous spot in Woodstock and there's no reason other than how beautifully picturesque it is.

I spent about 10 minutes taking photos then we decided to head off towards New Hampshire! We learned while we were in Vermont that New Hampshire is only about 20 minutes from Woodstock. We figured we may as well check another state off our list and go see Dartmouth College. 

We only had an hour to spend in New Hampshire and we decided to spend it walking around the campus. It was absolutely beautiful. I wish we could have spent more time here and in New Hampshire in general. We bought the boys a Dartmouth football at one of the campus stores and they spent a lot of time tossing it on the campus lawn. Coincidently, the boys were wearing Dartmouth colors so we looked like we fit right in. Ha! I love seeing college campuses and I'm happy to say I've seen this prestigious one that is one of the oldest in our country!

The clock was ticking down and there was one more thing on my Vermont bucket list I wanted to see before going back to Arkansas. We left Dartmouth and began heading towards the airport in Burlington. Thankfully, what I wanted to see was right on the way--The capital state house building of Vermont in Montpelier.

This state house is one of the oldest and best preserved buildings in our nation. It has a beautiful gold dome at the top. We didn't go inside although they do offer tours. I was thrilled just to see the outside of it though. Like everything else in Vermont, it was simply beautiful. 
While we were in Montpelier, we decided to grab some lunch then continue our journey towards the airport. 
We had plenty of time in the small airport before our flight left. I grabbed one more jar of Vermont Maple Syrup before boarding our plane to head home. 

We had the absolute best time in Vermont. I can't imagine going any other time than the fall but I hear it's beautiful year round. This was a bucket list trip for me--to see Vermont in the fall--and it lived up to my expectations and then some. I was worried the boys would be bored on this trip but they had a blast! We spent a lot of time in the car leaf peeping, which they cared nothing about, but their Nintendo Switches kept them entertained while we were driving so that was handy. I've been to a lot of states in the Northeast but this was my first true New England experience. It was too wonderful for words. Seeing places that were here at the beginning of the founding of this country felt magical. It absolutely left me wanting to see more of this area of our country. I cannot recommend this trip enough. Four nights was plenty for what we did but I know there are many other beautiful areas of Vermont worth seeing. This was a wonderful family trip but would also make for a great couples trip too. I would love to do it again sometime and I'm glad our boys got to experience somewhere that wasn't Disney or the beach. 

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