Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Our Vermont Vacation--Somewhere Between Stowe and Woodstock

The nice thing about this vacation is that we were in it for the scenery so we were in no hurry to get anywhere. When leaving Stowe to head for Woodstock, we took the scenic route. It was only about 30 minutes longer plus we noticed on the map we would be driving by a lot of covered bridges. The drive was only supposed to take us about 2 hours but we made several stops along the way so we added about an extra hour to that time. It was so neat being able to see so many beautiful places along the way though, so we didn't mind one bit. I also felt like I got a true glimpse into the real Vermont by taking the backroads. 

Eventually we arrived in Woodstock! We immediately checked into our hotel and oh my heavens it's one of my favorite hotels I've ever stayed in!! We stayed at 506 On The River Inn and I could go on and on about how fabulous it was. This is a situation where I feel like the photos on the website don't even do it justice. You must click on the link and explore the gallery so you can see photos of this hotel!! It was the most perfect boutique hotel. The decor was perfection and it was the most wonderful hotel for our family. They had a beautiful (complimentary) breakfast buffet every morning and a fantastic dinner menu. We actually ended up eating dinner here both nights. The boys would tell you it's the perfect hotel because they had two playrooms!!! One for toddlers then directly across the hall was a playroom for bigger kids. We had to carve out time several times a day for the boys to play in the playroom. They also had a swing set outside plus the cutest basket of outdoor toys beside the backdoor for you to be able to grab and play with. Not to mention.....
.....I mean, how cute is that?!?! 

This hotel was so family friendly in the classiest and loveliest way possible. I absolutely loved our stay here. We ended up doing a standard room which we normally try to steer away from as a family of five. However, there was a balcony off our room so Scott and I knew we could hang out on our balcony and drink some wine after putting the kids to bed early. They had a pack and play for Wells that we were able to tuck away into a little spot where he felt like he had his own space. Everyone slept great. 

Once we got settled into our room and the boys had their time playing in the hotel playroom, we were ready to check out Woodstock. I fell in love immediately.

The only word that comes to mind when trying to describe Woodstock is charming. It is truly the most charming little town I've ever been in. Everything is classic and colonial. You feel like you've stepped into an old 1800's film. It is simply beautiful and the homes and buildings are just gorgeous. Everything about it is pure perfection.

We walked around the town for a bit then decided to head back to our hotel for dinner then bed. We knew we would have a full day the next day to explore all of Woodstock so we wanted to get plenty of rest that evening. We had a lovely dinner at our hotel (probably my favorite meal of our trip--I got the pasta and it was delicious) then headed back to our room to get the boys in bed early. It was so nice being able to eat a nice meal right inside our hotel. It just made it really convenient with the boys which is why we decided to do it again the following night. 
More about our fun, full day in Woodstock tomorrow!

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