Thursday, July 31, 2008

Image One Commercial

Today I filmed a commercial for my dad's growing business, Image One. The commercial will be aired all over Arkansas on Channel 7 News. Except for Northwest Arkansas because they have the less than par 40/29 news and don't get the good stuff! I filmed 2 different commercials and they should start airing some time next week. Filming commercials is fun. It's not new to me because I filmed a handful when I was Miss Teen Arkansas. I was a little hesitant to film for my dad because when I was MTA we had to do like a zillion takes to ever get it right!! It's definitely a good thing that I decided not to become a broadcast journalist because I feel like I just don't look right on camera. However, I did the best impersonation of Gulianna Ransic that I could and hopefully Arkansas will respond well to it. Take a look at one of the commercials!

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