Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So I guess I'm getting a new car....

So my car caught on fire today for no particular reason. Scott and I sometimes switch cars and he had mine today and on his way home from work it decided to explode. Scott was not injured and exited the car just in time. If anyone is keeping track, this is the 4th time Scott and I have had to call 911 since living in Memphis. My car is so bad, it won't even make it to car fax. It's going straight to the dump. I am anxiously waiting for the call from State Farm to tell me how big my check is and then I'll be awaiting my call from Nissan when they tell me they're giving me a brand new car for free. If I get any news other than that I will be highly disappointed as my husband almost died today, my car exploded, and all of the stuff I kept in it is now ashes on the ground because some dude from Nissan doesn't know how to build a car properly.

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