Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Precious Landon

Landon tured 3 on April 30. It's amazing that he's already 3 because I can remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. Landon's new thing is that he "roars" people. There's this one little guy in Landon's class named Jayden and he's a bully to Landon. My dad asked Landon what he does when he's mean to him. Landon said he roars him. My dad said, "you roar him? What does that mean?" And Landon said, "I go, ROOOOAAAARRRR!!! when he's mean to me. I roar him." HAHA! It makes all of us laugh.
Landon likes the Bee Movie right now (it's my fav of all of them ps) and Sheryl Crow sings that song 'Here comes the Sun' in it. Landon sings it all the time and I decided to youtube it for him and found a Bee Movie slideshow to go along with the song. He curled up in my lap with his blue and yellow blanket that he's had since day 1 and put his head on my shoulder and watched it with me. It was one of those moments that I wish I had a video tape recording it. His all time favorite is still Cars but the Bee movie is good and "not scary." He's afraid of monsters right now....
It's funny how kids aren't interested in food at all. Landon doesn't eat like he should so when we're eating, I tell him to let me feel of his tummy to make sure it's full. I always tell him I can feel some empty spots that need more food and he totally falls for it. He crams food into his mouth and lets me feel his tummy again to see if it's full this time. My dad used to do that to me when I was little. I'm just passing it on.....
I have so many more Landon stories. I'll slowly add them as to not bore you.

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