Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My first one

So I saw Jake today and we talked for a tiny bit about his blog and it inspired me to make one myself. I, like Jake, have no job and maybe that's why we both have so much time to create a blog. I've already stalked everyone's profile on facebook and checked out every picture on so this is all that's left for me!! I'm sure mine won't be as interesting as his because I don't paint and I don't have interesting stories but...oh well!!
I guess the only interesting thing going on in my life is my wedding planning. It's fun but stressful!! Scott has tried to help me out by creating an Excel spreadsheet for my wedding budget and guest list. If any of you know Scott this will come as no suprise. He's very organized and definitely has it together. I'm marrying a financial analyst. Good when it comes to spending money wisely. Not so good when you're not in the mood to spend wisely. Scott is never in the mood to not spend wisely. His only downfall...
My precious Landon is coming to see me soon! I'm very excited. Kyle called me today and told me he's finally figured Candyland out. I bought it for him for Christmas and he totally created his own way of playing it and it confused me so much I couldn't play with him. He's got it now. He's DEFINITELY been good practice for me for when I become a mom. I think of Landon as my own. I have so many stories about Landon...I'll have to create a new blog for him. It will be long but definitely worth reading.
Okay I guess that's all I have for now....

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