Sunday, August 10, 2008


I had decided a few weeks ago that I was just not as limber as I used to be. I took dance lessons for 16 years and cheered all through high school and junior high therefore being quite flexible and in great shape. Once I went to college though, I stopped all of that cold turkey. One night last week, I decided to do a back bend. No big deal as I was a gymnast growing up and could do all kinds of topsy turvy flips when needed. Well I did it, successfully, but boy did it hurt. I thought to myself 'what a great thing for me to start doing! This can keep me limber and it targets muscle groups that you can't target by doing a normal workout!' So I start doing a few a day. After talking about it to Scott, I finally decide to show off my Olympic back bend skills. I get into position and do my back bend with the greatest of ease, then to finish it off, decided to kick over. Well, things didn't go so well there. As I was kicking over, my arms bent while my legs were midair making my neck curl becoming the sole support system of my entire body. My legs landed somewhere between the foot board and mattress while my neck was somehow magically wrapped around the bottom of the bed. Scott was like 'Oh My Gosh Are You Okay!!!" Of course, I just stood up and laughed. No big deal. We gymnast are used to these things. They usually entail something a little more challenging than a back bend kick over but he doesn't know that. Well, a week later, my neck is really sore. By Friday night it becomes unbearable. I decided yesterday morning that I was going to call my doctor, Greg Smart, and get him to call in something for me. I laughed out loud when I read what the medication he prescribed for me was. Meloxicam, used to relieve osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. For real? I'm 23. That's what you get for trying to be 15 again. No more back bends for Kara.

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