Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Spindini and Pageants

Last night Scott took me on a date to Spindini! I'm obsessed with that place. It is SO yummy!! Afterwards, we headed to the Flying Saucer to meet up with my friends Ashley and Rebecca. It's always so great to see them! Oddly enough, we hardly see each other even though we all live in Memphis. It was a lovely night!

I have so much time on my hands I've taken my bordem to the next level...the Miss Arkansas message board. That thing is crazy!! All they do is discuss the new Miss Arkansas official photo and the jewlery she is wearing in it. Some find her necklace and earings so fashion foward while others find it amazingly tacky to wear anything other than diamond studs. And don't even get them started on the possible airbrushing the photographer did on that photo!!! People have fought for 8 pages over it. Doesn't that make you laugh out loud? Get a life people!!! Why does it matter?? Ahhh the pageant world...

My precious nephew is coming to see me tomorrow! I'm very excited! I'm sure my next blog will be all about the cute things he has said. Until then, I'm going to eat my lunch now while enjoying reruns of Home Improvement which will no doubt, be filled with Judge Mathis and Maury commercials....always entertaining.

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