Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Oreo Girl

Okay. So there's this candy store in Memphis called Dinstuhls and they have the absolute most amazing chocolate covered Oreos. I discovered these Oreos about a month ago and I am hooked!! I go quite frequently to Dinstuhls to get a chocolate covered Oreo....probably 3 times a week. I know it would make more sense for me to go and grab a bunch at one time but if I did that those Oreos wouldn't last five minutes. I'd eat them all at once. So I have to just go and get one at a time.
So there's this guy who works in there. A very nice guy actually. When my addiction first started I would go, grab my Oreo and check out. But I've been going so frequently he's started to recognize me. The other ladies in the store ask me if I need help but he tells them 'I know what she wants!', grabs an Oreo and checks me out. Very embarassing. I actually dread going into Dinstuhls but these Oreo's are so good, it's worth the humiliation. Today however, it reached an all new level. As I walked in, he said hey and I said hey back. Then he said 'I saw you driving downtown the other day.'
......Oh My Gosh for real? I'm the Oreo girl that you know so well you recognize me driving my car in the 17th largest city in America? That is so embarassing.
After that comment I have decided this has got to stop. My Oreo days are over.

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