Friday, August 15, 2008


It's a lovely rainy day here in Memphis, Tennessee and I'm just sitting here waiting on Scott to get off of work so we can go to Little Rock to see our nephew, Landon. I have to wait on Scott to drive me because my car is, for some reason, ashes now so it's a little impossible for me to get there on my own. I really have nothing interesting to say at all but maybe some of my ramblings will be worth your time to read.So I was watching the Jonas Brothers on Regis and Kelly and I've decided that I'll pick the oldest one to have a crush on. I don't know his name though. Speaking of Regis and Kelly, if I could be anybody else in the whole wide world it would be Kelly Ripa. I love her!
The other day, I got my car washed. This is when I still had a car of course. I paid 8 dollars for the good one which included the power blow drying. As my car was done washing, I was slowly pulling out trying to make sure every inch of my car was getting dry. Whatta ya know...a "homeless" person comes right up to my window wanting me to roll it down so I could give them money. I was trapped because I paid that 8 dollars to get that blow dry and I was not just gonna peal out....that would be a waste of a dollar. I just had to stare straigh ahead and try to pretend like I didn't see the women knocking on my window while my car got dry. So akward and quite scary. That happens in Memphis on a daily basis.
No news on a new car for me yet. Scott and I looked all day last Saturday at cars. That is so boring to me. Not fun at all. For some reason the insurance company is taking an exceptionally long time to write me a very large check. I guess they're confused because they've probably never had to deal with a car explosion that didn't include a bomb. Hopefully I'll have a car within the next week. I'm sure I'll spend hours looking with Dad and Scott in Little Rock tomorrow. Fun fun.
Alright that's all for now.

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