Monday, August 25, 2008

Nothing Important

So today was a nice day. It consisted of doing nothing. A very nice change to watching a 3 year old 24/7. By the way I've noticed that I start all of my sentences with So. I do that because Scott does that. And I learned that the reason Scott does that, is because his boss does that. We ate dinner with him one night and I finally got it. His boss begins his sentences with so. Therefore it's rubbed off on Scott....therefore it's rubbed off on me.
Anyway, today was nice. I decided to lay on the tanning bed and when I got out, I walked to my car and saw a $10 bill floating in a puddle of water. I am totally not above putting that baby to a hair dryer and making it as good as new. So I made $10 today by doing nothing! Yay for me!
I discovered that my life is sad if I'm willing to stop and watch The Cheetah Girls for 20 minutes while channel surfing.
I watched the Hills tonight. I'm so Team Audrina this year. I've always been Team Whitney because she seems to be the only mature one. LC is great but there's something about her. And Lo....I dunno. But she is a KKG so I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt.
Did anyone watch the DNC tonight? I watched it on Fox of course. It did nothing for me. I did enjoy Michelle Obama's little video archive. Her mother seemed proud. And Michelle's outfit was great...of course. I was almost confused if I should be voting for Obama or Kennedy though. Was all of that necessary? I've decided while watching all of this political hoopla is this: A politician is no different than a pageant girl. All they do is walk out on a stage in their best outfit, wave consistently, and talk about things that are a great idea but never happen. Miss America should totally be the VP. Educated, well dressed (has many suits), great speaker, great waver.

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