Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

I had a great long weekend! I went to Fayetteville for the Razorback game and had a wonderful time! Scott took Friday off from work so it was an extra long weekend for us! We met up with Braclyn for lunch and had dinner with Scotts dad at Bordinos. After dinner, we met up with Braclyn and Ashley at Theos. My brother and his friends even stopped by for a bit which was fun. Then we headed to Grubs to meet Jake. Saturday was great fun too! Scott and I tailgated at the Julians tailgate spot. Many of my friends, and my family were there! The game was 'snorefest fall 2008' since I apparently could qualify to be a Razorback football player. Hopefully the next game won't make me fall asleep.
On Sunday, a bunch of us hung out at Jaclyns parents house. We got some sun, ate pizza, drank tankinis, swam, and had a great time! Later that evening, Scott's dad cooked us a fabulous din and then we drove to Fayetteville to see Scott's friend, Matt, at Georges.
Here is a video of Brad, Jaclyn, Jake, Scott and myself tailgating. It's not entertaining but you know how much I love a picture and a video clip! I will point out the somewhat entertainingness of the video. It starts with Brad and Jaclyn making out because they're not aware that I'm filming. Then I tell Scott to film "the three of us" (meaning Jake and Jaclyn) and Jake grabs the camera and tries to film because he's confused. And finally, while we are looking ridiculous singing the William Tell Overture, Jaclyn proceeds to call the Hogs which is not something you do during the William Tell Overture.

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