Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Black Sheep

I have some very exciting news! After living in Memphis for a little over a year now, I've come to realize it's just definitely not the place for me. I've come home to a random naked man sleeping in my bed, had police bust my door down at 1 in the morning after I refused to open it, (they had the wrong house clearly) watched a teenage boy steal 5 coach bags, had my car demolished after it exploded into flames for no reason, watched my apartment suffer horrible smoke damage because the apartment next door was on fire, and been approached by countless "homeless" people wanting my hard earned money so they can smoke crack and get high all day long. Memphis just doesn't scream Pleasentville to me so I'm over it.
As you know, I went to Fayetteville this weekend for the game. On Friday, I had an interview with the new salon on Dickson Street. It is an amazing salon! It's very urban and so cute and they sell Bumble and Bumble products which are my absolute favorite! The interview went great and the salon was too good to be true! I accepted the job offer and will begin working a week from today!! I'm so excited and can't wait to start! All of you who live in the NWA area will have to come see me to get your hair done!!!
So I'm leaving my precious Scotty behind and moving to Fayetteville this weekend. It will be sad not getting to see Scott every day but we both have webcams in our computers so we'll still get to see each other I guess. It's bittersweet for me but moving to Fayetteville is definitely something I need to do since fearing for my life has become an everyday occurrence. I've always kept my little house that I had in Fayetteville so all I've got to do is move my clothes right back into my closet! My BFF Jake is going to move to Fayetteville too and live with me for a little bit! It will be like the old college days all over again! I'm so happy and really looking forward to the next week!

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