Sunday, September 7, 2008

Back in Fayetteville

I'm back in Fayetteville! I'm sitting in my cozy little house watching Fox News with my mom and Holly. It feels so good to be back up here knowing I don't have to go home anytime soon! I'm almost done organizing my house and getting everything settled. I had a garage sale yesterday to get rid of some of the unnecessary items I have. It turned out to be pretty successful which is great! I hate clutter in my house so I was more excited about getting rid of all of that than anything else. My agenda for today is to deep clean the house and organize the guest closet, which will be Jake's closet since he's coming to live with me for a few weeks.
I'm so excited about starting my new job! I popped into the salon yesterday to meet some of the girls and speak with the receptionist about my future appointments and how they run the salon. Everything is so great and I know I'm going to love working at Black Sheep. COME SEE ME!
Okay I guess I'm going to go heat up my Outback grilled shrimp and steamed veggie leftovers then get busy with my house!

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