Thursday, September 4, 2008


I am in love with Sarah Palin! I have a total girl crush on her! She blew me away last night at the RNC. She's the first woman politician who has ever inspired me. She seems like the average PTA mom which is so unlikely in a woman politician. Most women politicians don't act like women at all. They do their best to act like power ball men and that turns me off. (aka Hillary, Nancy)I'm not very feminist at all. I probably should be a little more feminist actually. I'm all about a man running this country and the household and everything else for that matter except for a clothing store or a makeup counter. I'm very old fashioned in that sense. I think that's because no woman has given me a reason to believe any differently. Sarah Palin did last night and it really changed my opinion on women in the political arena. I don't think she's going to play that whole be as butch as I can, wear a pantsuit, never show some leg, wear plain makeup and only have my hair cut to look like a football helmet card. SO REFRESHING! Now all we've got to do is put John McCain in a pink tie and the world of politics will never be the same!
Speaking of John McCain, I'm in love with him too. After watching his and Obama's interviews at Saddleback, John McCain made me feel so safe in him being the leader of my country. He answered his questions with such precision and accuracy. He didn't beat around the bush or try to explain his reasoning on issues. He just said what he believes and hit the nail on the head. I think he's going to be very much like Ronald Reagan.
As for Barack Obama at Saddleback....where do I begin? He stutters and stumbles and takes 40 freaking hours to answer a question. You can see the wheels spinning in his head as he tries to think of how to answer something. He doesn't know what he believes. It is so clear to me why he has refused to do debates with McCain. He can only sound good when he has a prepared speech that someone else wrote for him. It's not a democrat thing for me, it's just an Obama thing. If any of you haven't watched the interviews at Saddleback, I highly encourage you to do so. You probably haven't heard much about it because the left-wing media doesn't discuss it because Obama did so badly. That's why I only watch Fox news. It's the only way you can get accurate information about politics.
That's a whole other post I guess. I could go on forever about that topic......

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