Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Charles Barkley's Golf Swing

Today wasn't very eventful for me. I woke up to Scott calling my phone and was shocked to see it was 10:30. I could have sworn it was 7:00. I never sleep that late but I did go to bed late so that'll be my excuse. Scott said he was embarrassed for me for sleeping that late!
I went to work today and Jake stopped by and I cut all of his hair off. We decided the swoop wasn't very professional although it was very cute. His short do looks quite nice.
Scott left me today :( He was able to stay through today because IP wanted him to work the career fair at the UofA today so it was nice that he was able to stay for so long but I'm sad he had to leave.
My friend Molly told me that I need clarify mine and Scott's situation because she was confused by my moving to Fayetteville and Scott not. Basically Memphis is miz and I had to get out. Scott compromised and decided he would move back to Fayetteville for me since Memphis does nothing for me and we've had to call 911 five times. The weekend after we decided we would move back I came up here and starting interviewing for jobs. I got the incredible offer from Black Sheep and decided I would start ASAP. The process for Scott finding a job is obviously a little harder and takes a lot longer so he's staying in Memphis working for IP until he gets a job offer here in NWA. So it's no fun at all not being able to see him every day like usual but hopefully he'll get up here soon. And we've actually been able to see each other quite a bit so it hasn't been so bad. I'm going to Memphis this weekend because Scott has done all of the traveling so far so now it's my turn. So that's that. Scott was very amazing for changing his life plan by leaving his job at IP to move up here. I'm very grateful that he's doing this for me. He could have very easily said no and I would have to be in Memphis for a few more years. He's a sweetheart and I love him so much for doing this just to make me happy. He's a good man.
Going political for a minute here....
Has anyone else heard that rumor that Biden is going to drop out as VP citing 'health issues?' He's supposedly going to do it after the first VP debate and Hillary is going to step in and become the new VP. Interesting gossip huh. Definitely not sure if that will happen. Everyone thought Hillary would raise hell at the DNC and she didn't so we'll just see.
Okay I guess I'm done blogging even though I have a lot more to talk about. No sense in boring you all though. I'll leave you with a funny little youtube clip. Has anyone ever seen Charles Barkley's golf swing? It's so freaking funny. Here's a video of that and the second is of Tiger Woods impersonating Charles Barkley's golf swing. Hope you laugh as hard as I do.

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