Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bikes and Holly

I'm sitting here in Memphis watching Arkansas get their butts kicked by Texas. So embarrassing...
I drove to Memphis last night. Got in late. The ride wasn't too boring. I stopped by my parents house and ate dinner with them. I felt kind of bad because it was my parents wedding anniversary and I totally crashed it. I guess after 27 of them though it's alright. On my way from Little Rock to Memphis I listened to the debate on my XM. That made the drive go by pretty quickly. I felt very 1940 listening to the debate on my radio.
This week was a little uneventful. Bikes Blues and BBQ is going on in Fayetteville which is fine unless you work on Dickson street. Oh my goodness, there's just nothing like it. Every man and woman looks the same. The men all have goutes, grey hair, are the same build, and wear an eagle on the back of their leather jacket. Oh and I can't leave out their orange bandanna. The women all have dirty blond hair and are a huge fan of stone washed jeans and a black spaghetti strap shirt which is definitely worn too tight. They all wear a black scrunchie around their low ponytail which is very long and stringy (from the wind I guess). I felt slightly out of place as I pranced into my salon in my flower print dress, long pearl necklace, and Charles David wedges. And you wouldn't believe how tow happy Terry's Towing is. They are banking this weekend I'm sure. I have much beef with them as my car has unnecessarily been towed by them a few too many times.
I definitely enjoyed having my precious Holly stay with me all week. She's my little doodlebug. I love having her as a cuddle partner at night. However, for her only weighing 7 pounds, she sure manages to take up more of the bed than I do. I feel so retarded when I wake up at night hanging off the edge of my bed, but not wanting to move her out of the way for fear of waking her up. So I just hang out on the edge while she cozily lays her little body across the two pillows. I wouldn't trade it for anything :)
I'll leave you with a video of my precious pumpkin doodlebug. It's of her and her favorite toy that she's had since the day we got her. I'll post videos of all of her tricks eventually. Enjoy!

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