Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wedding Registry

Today was a really fun day! Scott and I met in Little Rock and went to Dillards and Bed Bath and Beyond and set up our wedding registry! After a year of popping into Dillards to look at china patterns, I've finally chosen what I want and I'm very excited about all of my decisions! I've been looking forward to registering for a long time and I can't believe that the wedding is so near it's finally time to do this!
My Mom came along for the ride to help us pick and choose. Dad actually came as well but stayed long enough to grab my formal china from the display stand and place it on the set up table for me to see what everything would look like together. At Dillards, I was able to pick out my formal and casual china, stemware and flatware, and a few little extras along the way. Including Razorback platters that Scott is very excited about. He's really trying to force me to get solid red china and he's so dead serious about it. I told him I'd get him 4 red plates for Christmas. This just gives me one more website to look at when I'm bored which I'm very excited about.
While Dillards was the fun part for me, I thought Scott had died and gone to heaven at Bed Bath and Beyond. All he's been talking about for months is getting the 'gun' to scan items with. Bed Bath and Beyond was actually a lot of fun as I am quite 'mammaw' or so my friends think. Scott made fun of me that I wanted a progressive lettuce keeper but I honestly feel that will be quite useful. He said I don't keep lettuce for more than one day. Wanna know why that is? I don't have a lettuce keeper to put it in. We scanned lots of gadgets and other items that will definitely come in quite useful for us when we're married. I feel like we're going to have such nice things and that makes me so excited! I'm sure the spatulas I choose at Bed Bath and Beyond will work way better than the ones I got at Wal Mart in a package for $1.99. You can for real get a whole thing of cooking spoons and stuff like that in a package at Wal Mart for $1.99. I'm not making that up. And I know I just knocked it but they actually work pretty well. You get like 12 different spoons and laddels and grilled cheese flipper things. Pretty good deal really.
So yeah. That's what mine, Scott, and my Mom's day consisted of. We had a good time and I couldn't have done it without my Mom. Mom's are definitely a necessity when it comes to stuff like that. Mom was quick to point out things that I would never use and would be wasted space, and things she can't live without. Very helpful. Alright well I guess that's all I have for you!

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